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The luxury lounge-wear line, SUQUNE, pronounced (su/koon) was founded in 2016. Arabic for tranquility, SUQUNE is a satisfied state of mind where one has attained a higher level of serenity.

Creating positivity in others lives is a key element to the SUQUNE brand. By combining the elements of comfort, quality, and luxury SUQUNE acquiesce the wearer to submerge themselves in calmness.

While the SUQUNE wearer always holds a powerful energy, feeling comfortable in one’s skin is essential to loving oneself. SUQUNE lounge-wear allows the consumer to feel stylish and serene through the luxurious textiles and silhouettes.

SUQUNE is created to add comfort to everyday lives while staying fashion-forward and complete.

"SUQUNE is the ultimate comfortable luxury"

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